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Buddify Wholesale
Buddify Wholesale
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With Buddify Wholesale, Buddify Brands can now sell their products in large quantities to other stores and also have the option to buy in bulk as needed.

How can I purchase products in Wholesale?

You can now buy products in bulk by selecting the "Add to Wholesale Cart" option within each product. Simply choose the desired quantity and add the items to your Wholesale Cart.

If you navigate to your Wholesale Cart, you'll discover all the products you've added, and you can proceed to purchase them directly by clicking on the Checkout button. Any wholesale discounts offered by individual brands will be automatically applied.

Are my products available for Wholesale?

Yes, all the products you have made available for other brands to import and sell on your behalf are also available for Wholesale. This means that other brands can purchase your products in bulk.

How do I add extra Wholesale discounts?

You can easily do so by going to Settings, then selecting Products. From there, you have the option to set conditions based on the total amount of the purchase. For instance, you can choose to offer an additional 5% discount on all your products if the buyer spends more than $100 on your products.

Is there a minimum order quantity or checkout limit?

No, there are no restrictions on the minimum order quantity or checkout limit. Buyers can purchase as little as one product, even if it costs only $15. However, you do have the flexibility to provide additional discounts for larger purchases, such as offering an extra 10% discount for orders exceeding $200 from your entire store.

Do additional discounts apply to the total checkout amount or are they specific to each store?

Each store provides extra discounts on Wholesale purchases only for their own store and products. This means that if a store chooses to offer an additional 10% discount for Wholesale sales over $100, it will only apply when the Buyer purchases products worth over $100 from that specific store.

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